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Filing bankruptcy in Michigan is a process which entitles you to a “fresh start” by discharging all your debts and obligations (Chapter 7) or consolidating your secured debt and discharging unsecured debt (Chapter 13).

We can help if you need your case filed quickly due to a foreclosure, garnishment, or threat of repossession.

John Hicks can file your Chapter 7 case same day for $425.00 down.
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Who Our Bankruptcy Lawyers Help

John L. Hicks & Associates has decades of experience helping people deal successfully with their mortgage, credit card, IRS and car debts. With a quick 5-minute phone call, John can answer your questions and help direct you toward the best route to financial relief. From the initial paperwork to the court filing, John will be with you every step of the way. John will not only take your call and answer all your questions, but he’ll also personally handle your case from start to finish so you can rest easy knowing you have a trustworthy advocate on your side.

End Credit Card Harassment with Bankruptcy

Debt can be difficult enough to deal with without having to worry about the calls, messages and reminders that you’re behind on payments. If creditors are bothering you at work, harassing your family, or calling at all hours, call Michigan bankruptcy lawyer John L. Hicks today. Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on all contact between your creditor and you. Stopping bill collectors from harassing you can be easily accomplished with the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney like John L. Hicks.

Help for IRS Debt With Bankruptcy

If you are behind on paying your state or federal taxes and need relief from this debt, bankruptcy might be a good option for you. Filing for bankruptcy can immediately stop collection actions such as levies, garnishments and seizures by taxing authorities.

Stop Home Foreclosure By Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can bring foreclosure proceedings to a halt, end harassment from bill collectors, and give you time to make up missed payments and reorganize your finances. John can help you make the system work for you by working with mortgage companies and lenders to modify your mortgage or restructure the terms of your home loan. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side, you have the best possible shot at saving your home or staying in it for the longest possible time.

Avoid Car Repossession with Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy will stop car repossession and allow you to resume affordable payments to keep your vehicle. If your car was recently repossessed John can force the lender to return the vehicle. Call John to find out how you can save your vehicle while eliminating your other debts in bankruptcy.

Experience Immediate Financial Relief by Contacting Bankruptcy Lawyer John L. Hicks

John L. Hicks & Associates has more than two decades of experience helping residents of Flint and Genesee County area out of their financial distress. If you think you might need to file bankruptcy and want someone you trust to walk you through your options, call our office today 810-232-2223, or fill out the contact us.

In the first 5 minutes of your conversation with our Flint bankruptcy lawyers, you’ll gain a good understanding of your options and be directed to the best route for your situation.