Bankruptcy Lawyers in Flint

Bankruptcy Help for Foreclosure

Are you worried about losing your home because you’re unable to make payments? John L. Hicks & Associates has decades of experience helping others with the foreclosure process. With just a 5-minute call, Flint Bankruptcy Lawyer John Hicks can help you discover your best opportunity to either save your home or keep you in it for the longest time possible.

Stop Home Foreclosure with Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can bring foreclosure proceedings to a halt, end harassment from bill collectors, and give you time to make up missed payments and reorganize your finances. Bankruptcy Attorney John Hicks can help you make the system work for you by working with mortgage companies and lenders to modify your mortgage or restructure the terms of your home loan. With an experienced bankruptcy lawyer on your side, you have the best possible chance of saving your home or staying in it for as long as possible.

Effective Help With Loan Modifications

By delaying the foreclosure process, obtaining mortgage modifications and using the Chapter 13 process, Bankruptcy Lawyer John Hicks and his team can help ensure you can keep your home.

Michigan foreclosure law has extended the time it takes for mortgage companies to get through the foreclosure process to give homeowners every opportunity to keep their home. Lenders are also more willing to work with homeowners to restructure their loans for the benefit of everyone.

What is a Loan Modification?

A loan modification adjusts the terms of a home loan in order to make your loan payments more affordable.

Mortgage companies agree to extend your loan to allow you to become current, or in some cases, reduce the interest rate and monthly payment amount.

No one can force a mortgage company to modify your loan, but many companies have become increasingly receptive to finding ways to help homeowners keep making their regular mortgage payments, rather than putting the property into foreclosure.

Get Bankruptcy Help Keeping Your Home Out of Foreclosure

Get foreclosure help from the experienced team at John L. Hicks & Associates. In a simple, 5-minute phone call, Bankruptcy Lawyer John Hicks can walk you through your options for foreclosure help. Call our office today (810) 232-2223, or fill out the contact form.